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Brian Jones' 1960s suit

Back in the late 1960s fashion was, well, different. Not necessarily in the suburbs, post-war Britain was still pulling itself out of the rubble strewn streets and dressing for necessity. But in London, a fantastical place occupied by Ray Davies' Mr Pleasant ("How's your brand new limousine? 24 inch TV screen!") things were very different.

Our customer, Johnny C had seen that fantastic picture of Brian Jones making his much fabled court appearance. The suit double breasted with a wide boating stripe was quite striking.

Johnny didn't want an identikit model of it but certainly inspired by. Initially we talked double breasted but decided that they don't really lend themselves to informality and hate being worn unbuttoned. Plus, with a single breasted, you can always mix and match the jacket with a different pair of trousers. Using our made to measure service (and a Bateman & Ogden cloth), here’s what we came up with….