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We've been nominated and need your help!!!!!

The good people at Muddy Stilettos, 'The urban guide to the countryside', are holding an awards ceremony and we've been nominated, in the Warwickshire section, for 'Best Mens Store'. This is an awards ceremony to celebrate & promote local independent business' like ours.

We would consider it a huge personal favour if you'd be good enough to log onto the site and give us a vote. I know you may have other voting on your mind at the moment but, whilst you're in the voting mood.....  Please click on the link below to give us a boost. 

Vote for your favourite business in the Warwickshire in the Muddy Stilettos Awards 2017

Best Men’s Store - Please vote for us

We’re in the finals of the Warwickshire Muddy Awards for best Men’s Store and it’s all thanks to you!

Please take a minute to vote for us in the finals by clicking the Muddy Awards logo

Thank you so much for your support!