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Our made-to-measure service to ensure you get fine clothing and a custom fit

There’s a lot of confusion these days between made to measure, bespoke and handmade. For many years, many people have been searching for labels and definitions.  So far nobody has come up with a term which satisfies everyone.

What we can say is that our made to measure service starts in a similar way to our handmade: usually with a cup of tea! Then we discuss what you need your garment for, where it will be worn and we provide our recommendations. You choose your cloth. Again, from the worlds finest selection. You choose what style you want – 2 Button, single breasted with side vents, roped shoulder, oh, and I’ll go with a contrasting bottom cuff button hole. No problem. 

We send your measurements, cloth and choices off to our factory and in around 6 weeks we get back the finished product.

Our Made to Measure service starts at £750.
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