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Our premium bespoke fitting and tailoring service

Our handmade, bespoke service all happens from start to finish on our premises. Drafted, cut, fitted, made: all in Alcester. There aren’t many people who can say that these days.


Where we start is down to the customer. Some people arrive clad with pictures of the exacting details they desire. Others may have some sizing issues which mean they find it difficult to buy off the peg. Some just know that they want a good quality suit made from the best cloth.

So, we start…. We discuss what the garment is needed for. Commuting? You can never go wrong with a Dugdale Worsted from their Classic bunch. Holidaying in the Caribbean but still want to look smart? A 7oz super 130’s windowpane check from Huddersfield fine worsted Portofino bunch, maybe? The cloth choices are astounding but not overawing as we’re here to help.

From a style and fit perspective your options are limitless. This, to be fair, is one thing that sets handmade apart from ‘made to measure’.  Across our history we’ve made union Jack Blazers, Military inspired garments, Tailcoats for weddings, country attire and even ‘scruffy’ jacket who’s requirement is to look even better once it gets, well, scruffier.  

A handmade suit will have at least 2 fittings (maybe more first time out whilst we perfect your pattern). The first ‘baste’ to make sure we’re in the right ball park, check the balance and generally get a feel for each customers anatomical idiosyncrasies.

Once we’re both happy we’ll rip and smooth the garment out, make any adjustments to both garment and pattern and then start adding more detailing to take us to a second fitting.  Hopefully we’ll have the fit by this stage we can take your garment onto making and finishing.  The time aspect? Around two months. Though we have been known to burn the midnight oil and hit deadlines when customers need it.

A bespoke two-piece handmade garment service starts at £1950.
Get in touch if you have an enquiry or you'd like to know more.