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Mr Duff goes back up north with a new pair of Trews...

A couple of weeks back regular customer Mr Rory Duff visited us in Alcester with a request for something we don't do every day. Rory was going back up to the North-East and being the dapper gent he is, wanted to look his best when visiting.

‘I’m after a pair of Trews in a traditional Northumberland drab tartan. What do you have?’

 After looking through our many bunch's we eventually settled on a Fox flannel. 

Rory informs us that the Northumberland drab is the oldest Tartan in the world woven before wool was dyed simply using black and white coloured wool. He was after the trews to go with his Argyle jacket and, as this is a traditional dress, needed braces and fishtail back.

We drafted the pattern up and had a fitting and in a couple of weeks we were all complete. Here's Rory dressed in complete attire.....

Hope you had a good weekend, Rory!!!!